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Echeveria ‘Vincent Catto’ x derenbergii ‘Captain Hay’ 🇨🇳 RARE

Echeveria ‘Vincent Catto’ x derenbergii ‘Captain Hay’ 🇨🇳 RARE

  • Price is for a Cluster Pot 6cm
  • You will get the exact plant on photo
  • Pot not included
  • Will be sent bare roots
  • Plant might have few to no roots
  • Colour might differ according to season
  • Care after planting

    Please do not water the plant for at least a week after repotting.

    We recommend using mineral (70-80%) mix with 20-30% soil

  • Addition Information

     If you are new to our website please read this section carefully. Thank you


    • Please carefully read each items description about the size of the plant and check the photos before placing your order.
    • Succulents can change colour, shape and size all year round according to season, weather and stress.
    • We try our best to update the website regularly with recent ph