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Hand Made Pot - Sheep

Hand Made Pot - Sheep

  • Handmade pot
  • Please refer to photo for mesurement


  • Addition Information

     If you are new to our website please read this section carefully. Thank you


    • Please carefully read each items description about the size of the plant and check the photos before placing your order.
    • Succulents can change colour, shape and size all year round according to season, weather and stress.
    • We try our best to update the website regularly with recent photos as much as we can. We have few hundred species in our stock. So please understand that constantly taking photos and updating them can be a huge task.
    • It’s completely normal that plants may arrive slightly de-hydrated or wrinkled. They will need to be planted in dry soil for a week or two before give them water. They will easily bounce back with water after their root system has recovered during this waiting period.
    • if you have any further question please feel free to write us