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Il était Une Succulente

'Rare and Precious Succulents'


Our Story

Sourcing rare and unique succulents

When I discovered the amazing world of succulents back in 2017, it quickly became my passion and obsession.

Not long after, Il Était Une Succulente was born in January 2018 to share my love for succulents. Its creation was formalised in May 2018.

The echeverias are my favorite among all succulents. Soon enough I find myself going down the path in search of rare an unique echeverias.

The moment I fell in love the variaties of the Korean hybrids, I could never stop. This is when eveything come together and become the core of our business. 

Make sure to visit our collection to discover a paradise full of succulents to make your own.


"You can't buy happiness but you can buy plants, and that's pretty much the same thing"

- unknown author

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